From March 2020 to April 2021 there has been over 3,700 reported incidents of hate against Asian Americans, not counting the many that go unreported. That figure is up over 150% from the year prior.

"If every man would help his neighbor, then every man would not be without help ." - Bruce Lee

DynastyStyle is a fashion and production house fueled by our mutual love for cinema, hip hop and the martial arts. Our vision is to bring more dopeness into the world that inspires us. The brand celebrates our first generation Asian American NYC roots, attitudes, and aesthetics that we believe deserve proper representation.

We are currently experiencing a crisis where the surge of hate crimes and racism toward AAPI communities around the world has left many within these communities feeling powerless and filled with anxiety and fear while traveling in public .

We are honored and proud to announce our collaboration with Protect Chinatown, an organization founded on the principles of engaging and supporting the often-discounted AAPI communities by providing chaperones to restore safety, confidence, and awareness to anyone who feels unsafe outside of their homes.

In celebration of APAHM, all profits from every purchase from our website for the month of May will be donated to Protect Chinatown to continue their safety initiatives to support the AAPI community.

If what Protect Chinatown is doing speaks to you, please consider volunteering or simply donate to help.

If you or someone you know needs a chaperone regardless of age, gender identity, and racial background, Protect Chinatown is ready to listen and support.


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